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can we please acknowledge this ignorance

Anonymous asked:
Does Taylor act the same when there are no cameras around as she does when she is on camera?


there is no line between what we see on camera and what we don’t. what we see is what we get. at the session i attended, she was 100% herself. when i met her, it felt like i was dreaming. i have never met someone so nice and someone who gets so genuinely happy to meet a fan. i watched her interact with fans before it was my turn and she was completely invested in what they were saying, never missed a beat, never made them feel awkward. and that’s just who she is. what you see is what you get and honestly i’m so happy i’ve chosen her to look up to because i aspire to be that way. it’s hard but taylor is naturally a people person. she loves what she does so much and so clearly and it’s so painful to think that there are people in the world who firmly believe taylor is a bad person because of her past. if i had to pull out one difference between how she acts on camera and how she acts off, it’s that she acts about ten times cooler and more relaxed when she’s off camera. she’s in her element when she’s around fans and you can just tell when she’s having a conversation with someone. she makes direct eye contact and holds your hands and breaks all of the boundaries that so many people are afraid to break. but she never crosses the line. she is so kind, sweet, loving, and interested in whatever you have to say. and i love her so so much for that.